I loved going rafting on the Nantahala River. We went with the Endless River Adventures tour company. We had great guides that let us swim next to the raft. The water was freezing cold and it made me shiver. When we held our breath and looked underwater we saw lots of trout. We slapped our paddles on the water and it made a really loud noise. Whenever we went down a rapid we spun the boat and got really wet. We bumped into lots of rocks. It is so cool going on waves. It is safe because you wear life jackets.

I loved jumping off the jumping rock with my family. I also loved when our guides flipped the raft over and we got to run on top of it and jump into the water. We had a river picnic and ate snacks on the boat. It was fun talking with our family on the boat when we were floating. We saw so many rafts along the way. There were lots of kayaker. It was a crazy fun day.