Max- Fire Mountain Mountain Bike Park built in Cherokee and is owned by The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It is a good place for hiking, running, walking, and mountain biking. There are options for one way trails or two way trails. And there is a summit at the top of the mountain where you can pick to go on fast one way trails, or long downhill slower two way trails. There are lots of different options such as fast, smooth and flowy or slow, smooth and flowy, or rock drops and rough rooty trails. It is really close to a fun city called Cherokee and the Bike park is only around 26 minutes away from Hideaway Point. I think the trails that are in the best shape are the ones that are “one way” and are down from the summit. This is a series of trails we did one day in Cherokee for a day trip as a family. For a family with kids under 15 wanting to go mountain biking you could try starting at the car park and go on “Tinkers dream.” then get off that trail and head up “Uktena”. There is a log ride obstacle about there that you can try if you want. Uktena leads up to the summit where there is a choice of different trails to go down. Then all the rest is almost all downhill. An easy one to go down from the summit is “Spearfinger”. Then you can get onto “Lazy Elk” and from “Lazy Elk” onto “Tinkers Dream”. This will get you back to the car park. If you want to do something more challenging “Kessel Run” is a fast downhill from the summit. This is a very fast and flowy type trail. There is a nice map at the trailhead that lays out all the different routes.

What I like about biking at Fire Mountain is the trail systems are organized like the RedWoods in Rotorua where I live. I like the way it’s organized because a lot of the trails either go up or down. So first you can pick a short steep way to get to the top of Fire Mountain or you can pick a longer less steep way to get to the top. Or if you don’t want to go all the way to the top you can just go to one of the different heights and ride a trail down. Then once you're at the top it’s nice because you have all the hard work over with so you can just have fun. At the top you can pick what kind of trail you want to go down the mountain on too. There are long less fast ones that are all downhill or fast shorter ones that are downhill. They all eventually end up at the car park because it is at the bottom of the mountain. What is nice about bike parks like this is they're free (if you have your own bikes) and you can just get some exercise biking to the top then you get to have all the fun going down. It’s like a free roller coaster when you're going down, especially when the trail you pick is real smooth and flowy, and you're pumping with your bike.